Commit c47478f9 authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Fix a bug in instance startup with custom hvparams

Since the introduction of OS-specific hvparams, we shouldn't ever use
objects.FillDict directly for instances, but instead go via the cluster
object. Otherwise the os_hvp will be ignored.
Signed-off-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
parent 845da3e8
......@@ -4197,8 +4197,7 @@ class LUStartupInstance(LogicalUnit):
# check hypervisor parameter syntax (locally)
cluster = self.cfg.GetClusterInfo()
utils.ForceDictType(self.hvparams, constants.HVS_PARAMETER_TYPES)
filled_hvp = objects.FillDict(cluster.hvparams[instance.hypervisor],
filled_hvp = cluster.FillHV(instance)
hv_type = hypervisor.GetHypervisor(instance.hypervisor)
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