Commit 845da3e8 authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Fix unsafe variant initializer in _TryOSFromDisk

In case an OS has inconsistent declarations, we might get into a case
where one node reports a valid variants list (with OS API >=15), and
another node has OS API < 15, in which case its supported_variants gets
the default value of None. This leads to the same variable having
inconsistent data types, which leads to subtle bugs later: instead of
reporting something like "Inconsistent OS API versions", the LU exits
with a run-time exception. Furthermore, in another datapath, variants is
initialized to '[]' in case of OS diagnose failures.

The patch changes _TryOSFromDisk to initialize variants to '[]' for
OS api level below 15, and changes the variants calculation in
DiagnoseOS to be more readable.
Signed-off-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
parent 27137e55
......@@ -1851,7 +1851,7 @@ def _TryOSFromDisk(name, base_dir=None):
return False, ("File '%s' under path '%s' is not executable" %
(filename, os_dir))
variants = None
variants = []
if constants.OS_VARIANTS_FILE in os_files:
variants_file = os_files[constants.OS_VARIANTS_FILE]
......@@ -2782,14 +2782,14 @@ class LUDiagnoseOS(NoHooksLU):
for osl in os_data.values():
valid = valid and osl and osl[0][1]
if not valid:
variants = None
variants = set()
if calc_variants:
node_variants = osl[0][3]
if variants is None:
variants = node_variants
variants = set(node_variants)
variants = [v for v in variants if v in node_variants]
for field in self.op.output_fields:
if field == "name":
......@@ -2802,7 +2802,7 @@ class LUDiagnoseOS(NoHooksLU):
for node_name, nos_list in os_data.items():
val[node_name] = nos_list
elif field == "variants":
val = variants
val = list(variants)
raise errors.ParameterError(field)
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