Commit e6812a1a authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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htools: fix long version of --port for daemons

The dashes do not need to be in, if they are then the resulting option

  -p PORT  ----port=PORT     Network port (default: 1814)
Signed-off-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarRené Nussbaumer <>
parent 91e5a351
......@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@ oNoUserChecks = Option "" ["no-user-checks"]
"Ignore user checks"
oPort :: Int -> OptType
oPort def = Option "p" ["--port"]
oPort def = Option "p" ["port"]
(reqWithConversion (tryRead "reading port")
(\port opts -> Ok opts { optPort = Just port }) "PORT")
("Network port (default: " ++ show def ++ ")")
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