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Update gnt-cluster man page for removal of --hypervisor-type.

We no longer use a single, cluster-wide hypervisor, but configure the
actual to be used hypervisor on the instance level. The option has already
been removed from gnt-cluster.

Reviewed-by: imsnah
parent fa10bdc5
......@@ -210,7 +210,6 @@
<arg>-s <replaceable>secondary_ip</replaceable></arg>
<arg>-b <replaceable>bridge</replaceable></arg>
<arg>-t <replaceable>hypervisor-type</replaceable></arg>
<arg>-g <replaceable>vg-name</replaceable></arg>
<arg>--master-netdev <replaceable>vg-name</replaceable></arg>
<arg>-m <replaceable>mac-prefix</replaceable></arg>
......@@ -257,17 +256,6 @@
for instances.
The <option>-t</option> allows to set the hypervisor type of
the cluster. Available hypervisor types are: xen-pvm, fake and
xen-hvm. The default is the xen-pvm hypervisor.
Note that if you init the cluster with hypervisor-type
xen-hvm you also need to provide the cluster VNC password
file <filename>/etc/ganeti/vnc-cluster-password</filename>
because HVM instances require it for VNC console
The <option>-g</option> option will let you specify a volume group
different than 'xenvg' for ganeti to use when creating instance disks.
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