Commit d8dcf3c9 authored by Guido Trotter's avatar Guido Trotter
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SetInstanceParams: export nic changes to hooks

Currently we export the old instance "as is" and any nic changes get
lost, so hooks won't know of a different ip, bridge, or mac address.
This patch fixes it by putting the nics in the override dict, if any
changes are done.

Reviewed-by: iustinp
parent ea5a5b74
......@@ -5722,7 +5722,37 @@ class LUSetInstanceParams(LogicalUnit):
args['memory'] = self.be_new[constants.BE_MEMORY]
if constants.BE_VCPUS in self.be_new:
args['vcpus'] = self.be_new[constants.BE_VCPUS]
# FIXME: readd disk/nic changes
# TODO: export disk changes. Note: _BuildInstanceHookEnv* don't export disk
# information at all.
if self.op.nics:
args['nics'] = []
nic_override = dict(self.op.nics)
for idx, nic in enumerate(self.instance.nics):
if idx in nic_override:
this_nic_override = nic_override[idx]
this_nic_override = {}
if 'ip' in this_nic_override:
ip = this_nic_override['ip']
ip = nic.ip
if 'bridge' in this_nic_override:
bridge = this_nic_override['bridge']
bridge = nic.bridge
if 'mac' in this_nic_override:
mac = this_nic_override['mac']
mac = nic.mac
args['nics'].append((ip, bridge, mac))
if constants.DDM_ADD in nic_override:
ip = nic_override[constants.DDM_ADD].get('ip', None)
bridge = nic_override[constants.DDM_ADD]['bridge']
mac = nic_override[constants.DDM_ADD]['mac']
args['nics'].append((ip, bridge, mac))
elif constants.DDM_REMOVE in nic_override:
del args['nics'][-1]
env = _BuildInstanceHookEnvByObject(self, self.instance, override=args)
nl = [self.cfg.GetMasterNode()] + list(self.instance.all_nodes)
return env, nl, nl
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