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Update the security document for Ganeti 2.7

This should address 359, but I'm not sure if it covers all of 2.7…
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Reviewed-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
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......@@ -50,10 +50,38 @@ on this node; the RPC method will run only:
drbd devices, start/stop instances, etc;
- run well-defined SSH commands on other nodes in the cluster
- scripts under the ``/etc/ganeti/hooks`` directory
- scripts under the ``/etc/ganeti/restricted-commands`` directory, if
this feature has been enabled at build time (see below)
It is therefore important to make sure that the contents of the
``/etc/ganeti/hooks`` directory is supervised and only trusted sources
can populate it.
``/etc/ganeti/hooks`` and ``/etc/ganeti/restricted-commands``
directories are supervised and only trusted sources can populate them.
Restricted commands
The restricted commands feature is new in Ganeti 2.7. It enables the
administrator to run any commands in the
``/etc/ganeti/restricted-commands`` directory, if the feature has been
enabled at build time, subject to the following restrictions:
- No parameters may be passed
- No absolute or relative path may be passed, only a filename
- The ``/etc/ganeti/restricted-commands`` directory must
be owned by root:root and have mode 0755 or stricter
- Executables must be regular files or symlinks, and must be executable
by root:root
Note that it's not possible to list the contents of the directory, and
there is an intentional delay when trying to execute a non-existing
command (to slow-down dictionary attacks).
Since for Ganeti itself this functionality is not needed, and is only
provided as a way to help administrate or recover nodes, it is a local
site decision whether to enable or not the restricted commands feature.
By default, this feature is disabled.
Cluster issues
......@@ -94,6 +122,25 @@ before serving requests. This permission-based protection is documented
and works on Linux, but is not-portable; however, Ganeti doesn't work on
non-Linux system at the moment.
Conf daemon
In Ganeti 2.7, the ``confd`` daemon (if enabled at build time), serves
both network-originated queries (about the static configuration) and
local (UNIX socket) queries (about the run-time configuration; answering
these means talking to other cluster nodes, which makes use of the
internal RPC SSL certificate). This makes it a bit more sensitive to
bugs (a remote attacker could get direct access to the intra-cluster
RPC), so to harden security it's recommended to:
- disable confd at build time if it's not needed in your setup
- otherwise, configure Ganeti (at build time) to use separate users, so
that the confd daemon doesn't also have access to the server SSL/TLS
It is planned to split the two functionalities (local/remote querying)
of confd into two separate daemons in a future Ganeti version.
Remote API
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