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Shorten variable names.

Reviewed-by: iustinp
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......@@ -55,22 +55,22 @@ Instance parameters
The only hypervisor parameter to remain at the top level of the
instance namespace will be instance.hypervisor_type, specifying not
instance namespace will be instance.hypervisor, specifying not
only the hypervisor type to be used for that instance, but also
implicitly the hypervisor type to use for parameter checks.
All other instance level hypervisor parameters will be moved into the
instance.hypervisor_params namespace subtree.
instance.hvparams namespace subtree.
The names for hypervisor parameters in the instance.hypervisor_params
The names for hypervisor parameters in the instance.hvparams
subtree should be choosen as generic as possible, especially if
specific parameters could conceivably be useful for more than one
hypervisor, e.g.
instance.hypervisor_params.vnc_console_port instead of using both
instance.hypervisor_params.hvm_vnc_console_port and
instance.hvparams.vnc_console_port instead of using both
instance.hvparams.hvm_vnc_console_port and
The instance.hypervisor_params subtree will be implemented as a dict.
The instance.hvparams subtree will be implemented as a dict.
Examples for instance level hypervisor parameters:
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