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Add a news file and make the 0.0.5 release

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Version 0.0.5:
- a few small improvements for hbal (possibly undone by later
changes), hbal is now quite faster
- fix documentation building
- allow hbal to work on non N+1 compliant clusters, but without
guarantees that the end cluster will be compliant; in any case, this
should give a smaller number of nodes that are not compliant if the
cluster state permits it
- strip common domain suffix from nodes and instances, so that output
is shorter and hopefully clearer
Version 0.0.4:
- better balancing algorithm in hbal
- implemented an RAPI collector, now the cluster data can be gathered
automatically via RAPI and doesn't need manual export of node and
instance list
Version 0.0.3:
- initial release of the hbal, a cluster rebalancing tool
- input data format changed due to hbal requirements
Previous version was initial announcement.
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