Commit b330ac0b authored by Guido Trotter's avatar Guido Trotter
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Add utils.{Write,Remove}PidFile

WritePidFile is a helper function that writes the current pid in a
pidfile within the ganeti run directory. RemovePidFile tries to delete

Reviewed-by: iustinp
parent fee80e90
......@@ -1051,6 +1051,42 @@ def Daemonize(logfile, noclose_fds=None):
return 0
def _DaemonPidFileName(name):
"""Compute a ganeti pid file absolute path, given the daemon name.
return os.path.join(constants.RUN_GANETI_DIR, "" % name)
def WritePidFile(name):
"""Write the current process pidfile.
The file will be written to constants.RUN_GANETI_DIR/
pid = os.getpid()
pidfilename = _DaemonPidFileName(name)
if IsPidFileAlive(pidfilename):
raise GenericError("%s contains a live process" % pidfilename)
WriteFile(pidfilename, data="%d\n" % pid)
def RemovePidFile(name):
"""Remove the current process pidfile.
Any errors are ignored.
pid = os.getpid()
pidfilename = _DaemonPidFileName(name)
# TODO: we could check here that the file contains our pid
def FindFile(name, search_path, test=os.path.exists):
"""Look for a filesystem object in a given path.
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