Commit aef59ae7 authored by Michael Hanselmann's avatar Michael Hanselmann
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Verify file consistency using centrally computed list

Until now “gnt-cluster verify” (LUClusterVerify) would compute its own
list of files to check for consistency. This list was not complete and
certain inconsistencies were missed.

With this patch the code is changed to use the list of files used by
LUClusterRedistConf. The new check needs to be on a whole-cluster level,
and no longer per node.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent 5643d67e
......@@ -1265,6 +1265,7 @@ class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit):
......@@ -1696,49 +1697,91 @@ class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit):
"not enough memory to accomodate instance failovers"
" should node %s fail", prinode)
def _VerifyNodeFiles(self, ninfo, nresult, file_list, local_cksum,
"""Verifies and computes the node required file checksums.
def _VerifyFiles(cls, errorif, nodeinfo, master_node, all_nvinfo,
(files_all, files_all_opt, files_mc, files_vm)):
"""Verifies file checksums collected from all nodes.
@type ninfo: L{objects.Node}
@param ninfo: the node to check
@param nresult: the remote results for the node
@param file_list: required list of files
@param local_cksum: dictionary of local files and their checksums
@param master_files: list of files that only masters should have
@param errorif: Callback for reporting errors
@param nodeinfo: List of L{objects.Node} objects
@param master_node: Name of master node
@param all_nvinfo: RPC results
node =
_ErrorIf = self._ErrorIf # pylint: disable-msg=C0103
node_names = frozenset( for node in nodeinfo)
remote_cksum = nresult.get(constants.NV_FILELIST, None)
test = not isinstance(remote_cksum, dict)
_ErrorIf(test, self.ENODEFILECHECK, node,
"node hasn't returned file checksum data")
if test:
assert master_node in node_names
assert (len(files_all | files_all_opt | files_mc | files_vm) ==
sum(map(len, [files_all, files_all_opt, files_mc, files_vm]))), \
"Found file listed in more than one file list"
# Define functions determining which nodes to consider for a file
file2nodefn = dict([(filename, fn)
for (files, fn) in [(files_all, None),
(files_all_opt, None),
(files_mc, lambda node: (node.master_candidate or == master_node)),
(files_vm, lambda node: node.vm_capable)]
for filename in files])
fileinfo = dict((filename, {}) for filename in file2nodefn.keys())
for node in nodeinfo:
nresult = all_nvinfo[]
if nresult.fail_msg or not nresult.payload:
node_files = None
node_files = nresult.payload.get(constants.NV_FILELIST, None)
for file_name in file_list:
node_is_mc = ninfo.master_candidate
must_have = (file_name not in master_files) or node_is_mc
# missing
test1 = file_name not in remote_cksum
# invalid checksum
test2 = not test1 and remote_cksum[file_name] != local_cksum[file_name]
# existing and good
test3 = not test1 and remote_cksum[file_name] == local_cksum[file_name]
_ErrorIf(test1 and must_have, self.ENODEFILECHECK, node,
"file '%s' missing", file_name)
_ErrorIf(test2 and must_have, self.ENODEFILECHECK, node,
"file '%s' has wrong checksum", file_name)
# not candidate and this is not a must-have file
_ErrorIf(test2 and not must_have, self.ENODEFILECHECK, node,
"file '%s' should not exist on non master"
" candidates (and the file is outdated)", file_name)
# all good, except non-master/non-must have combination
_ErrorIf(test3 and not must_have, self.ENODEFILECHECK, node,
"file '%s' should not exist"
" on non master candidates", file_name)
test = not (node_files and isinstance(node_files, dict))
errorif(test, cls.ENODEFILECHECK,,
"Node did not return file checksum data")
if test:
for (filename, checksum) in node_files.items():
# Check if the file should be considered for a node
fn = file2nodefn[filename]
if fn is None or fn(node):
fileinfo[filename].setdefault(checksum, set()).add(
for (filename, checksums) in fileinfo.items():
assert compat.all(len(i) > 10 for i in checksums), "Invalid checksum"
# Nodes having the file
with_file = frozenset(node_name
for nodes in fileinfo[filename].values()
for node_name in nodes)
# Nodes missing file
missing_file = node_names - with_file
if filename in files_all_opt:
# All or no nodes
errorif(missing_file and missing_file != node_names,
"File %s is optional, but it must exist on all or no nodes (not"
" found on %s)",
filename, utils.CommaJoin(utils.NiceSort(missing_file)))
errorif(missing_file, cls.ECLUSTERFILECHECK, None,
"File %s is missing from node(s) %s", filename,
# See if there are multiple versions of the file
test = len(checksums) > 1
if test:
variants = ["variant %s on %s" %
(idx + 1, utils.CommaJoin(utils.NiceSort(nodes)))
for (idx, (checksum, nodes)) in
variants = []
errorif(test, cls.ECLUSTERFILECHECK, None,
"File %s found with %s different checksums (%s)",
filename, len(checksums), "; ".join(variants))
def _VerifyNodeDrbd(self, ninfo, nresult, instanceinfo, drbd_helper,
......@@ -2173,19 +2216,14 @@ class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit):
node_vol_should = {}
# FIXME: verify OS list
# File verification
filemap = _ComputeAncillaryFiles(cluster, False)
# do local checksums
master_files = [constants.CLUSTER_CONF_FILE]
master_node = self.master_node = self.cfg.GetMasterNode()
master_ip = self.cfg.GetMasterIP()
file_names = ssconf.SimpleStore().GetFileList()
if cluster.modify_etc_hosts:
local_checksums = utils.FingerprintFiles(file_names)
# Compute the set of hypervisor parameters
hvp_data = []
for hv_name in hypervisors:
......@@ -2207,7 +2245,10 @@ class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit):
feedback_fn("* Gathering data (%d nodes)" % len(nodelist))
node_verify_param = {
constants.NV_FILELIST: file_names,
for files in filemap
for filename in files),
constants.NV_NODELIST: [ for node in nodeinfo
if not node.offline],
constants.NV_HYPERVISOR: hypervisors,
......@@ -2289,6 +2330,9 @@ class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit):
feedback_fn("* Gathering disk information (%s nodes)" % len(nodelist))
instdisk = self._CollectDiskInfo(nodelist, node_image, instanceinfo)
feedback_fn("* Verifying configuration file consistency")
self._VerifyFiles(_ErrorIf, nodeinfo, master_node, all_nvinfo, filemap)
feedback_fn("* Verifying node status")
refos_img = None
......@@ -2326,9 +2370,6 @@ class LUClusterVerify(LogicalUnit):
nimg.call_ok = self._VerifyNode(node_i, nresult)
self._VerifyNodeTime(node_i, nresult, nvinfo_starttime, nvinfo_endtime)
self._VerifyNodeNetwork(node_i, nresult)
self._VerifyNodeFiles(node_i, nresult, file_names, local_checksums,
self._VerifyOob(node_i, nresult)
if nimg.vm_capable:
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