Commit a70f34d1 authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Drop the Rename method of DRBD8 devices

Since we now do changes of remote peers in two steps (Attach with no
network information and then Attach with the new peer's data), we don't
need this operation anymore.

Reviewed-by: imsnah
parent 642445d9
......@@ -2223,27 +2223,6 @@ class DRBD8(BaseDRBD):
self.dev_path = None
return True
def Rename(self, new_uid):
"""Re-connect this device to another peer.
if self.minor is None:
raise errors.BlockDeviceError("Device not attached during rename")
if self._rhost is not None:
# this means we did have a host when we attached, so we are connected
if not self._ShutdownNet(self.minor):
raise errors.BlockDeviceError("Can't disconnect from remote peer")
old_id = self.unique_id
old_id = None
self.unique_id = new_uid
if not self._AssembleNet(self.minor, self.unique_id, "C"):
logger.Error("Can't attach to new peer!")
if old_id is not None:
self._AssembleNet(self.minor, old_id, "C")
self.unique_id = old_id
raise errors.BlockDeviceError("Can't attach to new peer")
def Remove(self):
"""Stub remove for DRBD devices.
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