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Split the change of peer in secondary replace in two operations

This patch splits the single operation of replace peer into two distinct
phases, in order to make a single change to the instance configuration:
  - detach from network
  - if at least one drbd device succeeded, make one change to the
    instance, pointing all disks to the new peer
  - attach to the new peer

This should eliminate the case when a failure in the second reattach can
leave the instance with two secondaries.

Reviewed-by: imsnah
parent 9cdbe77f
......@@ -3767,21 +3767,45 @@ class LUReplaceDisks(LogicalUnit):
warning("Failed to shutdown drbd for %s on old node" % dev.iv_name,
"Please cleanup this device manually as soon as possible")
# we have new storage, we 'rename' the network on the primary
info("switching primary drbd for %s to new secondary node" % dev.iv_name)
info("detaching primary drbds from the network (=> standalone)")
done = 0
for dev in instance.disks:
cfg.SetDiskID(dev, pri_node)
# rename to the ip of the new node
new_uid = list(dev.physical_id)
new_uid[2] = self.remote_node_info.secondary_ip
rlist = [(dev, tuple(new_uid))]
if not rpc.call_blockdev_rename(pri_node, rlist):
raise errors.OpExecError("Can't detach & re-attach drbd %s on node"
" %s from %s to %s" %
(dev.iv_name, pri_node, old_node, new_node))
dev.logical_id = (pri_node, new_node, dev.logical_id[2])
# set the physical (unique in bdev terms) id to None, meaning
# detach from network
dev.physical_id = (None,) * len(dev.physical_id)
# and 'find' the device, which will 'fix' it to match the
# standalone state
if rpc.call_blockdev_find(pri_node, dev):
done += 1
warning("Failed to detach drbd %s from network, unusual case" %
if not done:
# no detaches succeeded (very unlikely)
raise errors.OpExecError("Can't detach at least one DRBD from old node")
# if we managed to detach at least one, we update all the disks of
# the instance to point to the new secondary
info("updating instance configuration")
for dev in instance.disks:
dev.logical_id = (pri_node, new_node) + dev.logical_id[2:]
cfg.SetDiskID(dev, pri_node)
# and now perform the drbd attach
info("attaching primary drbds to new secondary (standalone => connected)")
failures = []
for dev in instance.disks:
info("attaching primary drbd for %s to new secondary node" % dev.iv_name)
# since the attach is smart, it's enough to 'find' the device,
# it will automatically activate the network, if the physical_id
# is correct
cfg.SetDiskID(dev, pri_node)
if not rpc.call_blockdev_find(pri_node, dev):
warning("can't attach drbd %s to new secondary!" % dev.iv_name,
"please do a gnt-instance info to see the status of disks")
# this can fail as the old devices are degraded and _WaitForSync
# does a combined result over all disks, so we don't check its
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