Commit 9cdbe77f authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Relax even more the identification of DRBD8 devices

This patch adds a new success condition for identifying DRBD8 devices:
if the local device is correct, but the network peer is not, we shutdown
the network and attach to the correct one (this also handles going to
standalone mode).

This new check (and its actions) is based on the fact that we don't pass
incorrect data from the master to the node (otherwise we could start
syncing with an incorrect peer.

Reviewed-by: imsnah
parent 52857176
......@@ -2099,6 +2099,24 @@ class DRBD8(BaseDRBD):
# even though we were passed some children at init time
if match_r and "local_dev" not in info:
if match_l and not match_r and "local_addr" in info:
# strange case - the device network part points to somewhere
# else, even though its local storage is ours; as we own the
# drbd space, we try to disconnect from the remote peer and
# reconnect to our correct one
if not self._ShutdownNet(minor):
raise errors.BlockDeviceError("Device has correct local storage,"
" wrong remote peer and is unable to"
" disconnect in order to attach to"
" the correct peer")
# note: _AssembleNet also handles the case when we don't want
# local storage (i.e. one or more of the _[lr](host|port) is
# None)
if (self._AssembleNet(minor, (self._lhost, self._lport,
self._rhost, self._rport), "C") and
minor = None
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