Commit a2d917f3 authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop

Fix html docs builds

This fixes the doc builds broken by commit b292b986, but is only an
ugly workaround due to our dependency chain. imports (both directly and indirectly), which
imports Hence one could say that all .py files have a
logical dependency on, since you can't "import opcodes"
before is built. So the sphinx rule should depend on as a prerequisite.

But we can't use a normal prerequisite, since that would cause the
html docs to be rebuilt whenever gets rebuilt, i.e. even
on end-users machines after ./configure; this is bad, and it also
breaks distcheck (as the html files are not removed in distclean,
since we do want them distributed).

So we only add an order-only prerequisite, which does the right thing
(although our dependency chain is still ugly).
Signed-off-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarAdeodato Simo <>
parent d1c172de
......@@ -261,8 +261,14 @@ docrst = \
$(RUN_IN_TEMPDIR): | $(all_dirfiles)
# Note: we use here an order-only prerequisite, as the contents of
# are not actually influencing the html build output: it
# has to exist in order for the sphinx module to be loaded
# successfully, but we certainly don't want the docs to be rebuilt if
# it changes
doc/html/index.html: $(docrst) $(docpng) doc/ \
$(RUN_IN_TEMPDIR) lib/build/ lib/ lib/
$(RUN_IN_TEMPDIR) lib/build/ lib/ lib/ \
| lib/
@test -n "$(SPHINX)" || \
{ echo 'sphinx-build' not found during configure; exit 1; }
@mkdir_p@ $(dir $@)
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