Commit 8a6f10ce authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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hail: don't relocate to current primary node

This patch fixes the relocate-to-primary-node problem, and doesn't mark
the excluded nodes as offline anymore (we don't use them anyway, so
let's not use a different/fake cluster state).
parent a8946537
......@@ -92,15 +92,13 @@ tryReloc :: (Monad m) =>
tryReloc nl il xid 1 ex_idx =
let all_nodes = getOnline nl
inst = Container.find xid il
valid_nodes = filter (not . flip elem ex_idx . idx) all_nodes
ex_idx' = (Instance.pnode inst):ex_idx
valid_nodes = filter (not . flip elem ex_idx' . idx) all_nodes
valid_idxes = map Node.idx valid_nodes
nl' = (\n -> if elem (Node.idx n) ex_idx then
Node.setOffline n True
else n) nl
sols1 = map (\x -> let (mnl, _, _, _) =
Cluster.applyMove nl' inst
Cluster.applyMove nl inst
(Cluster.ReplaceSecondary x)
in (mnl, [Container.find x nl'])
in (mnl, [Container.find x nl])
) valid_idxes
in return sols1
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