Commit 81a3406c authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Abstract OS log names computation

The various OS operations create log files in a specific directory
(constants.LOG_OS_DIR). The construction of the log names is however
spread and duplicated across multiple functions.

This patch abstracts this into a separate function that also validates
the log name, which should be safer in the long run. We also rename the
export logs from having a prefix of “exp” to “export”, since it was the
only operation that had an abbreviated prefix.
Signed-off-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
parent a9b7e346
......@@ -799,6 +799,24 @@ def GetAllInstancesInfo(hypervisor_list):
return output
def _InstanceLogName(kind, os_name, instance):
"""Compute the OS log filename for a given instance and operation.
The instance name and os name are passed in as strings since not all
operations have these as part of an instance object.
@type kind: string
@param kind: the operation type (e.g. add, import, etc.)
@type os_name: string
@param os_name: the os name
@type instance: string
@param instance: the name of the instance being imported/added/etc.
base = "%s-%s-%s-%d.log" % (kind, os_name, instance, int(time.time()))
return utils.PathJoin(constants.LOG_OS_DIR, base)
def InstanceOsAdd(instance, reinstall, debug):
"""Add an OS to an instance.
......@@ -817,8 +835,7 @@ def InstanceOsAdd(instance, reinstall, debug):
if reinstall:
create_env['INSTANCE_REINSTALL'] = "1"
logfile = "%s/add-%s-%s-%d.log" % (constants.LOG_OS_DIR, instance.os,, int(time.time()))
logfile = _InstanceLogName("add", instance.os,
result = utils.RunCmd([inst_os.create_script], env=create_env,
cwd=inst_os.path, output=logfile,)
......@@ -850,9 +867,8 @@ def RunRenameInstance(instance, old_name, debug):
rename_env = OSEnvironment(instance, inst_os, debug)
rename_env['OLD_INSTANCE_NAME'] = old_name
logfile = "%s/rename-%s-%s-%s-%d.log" % (constants.LOG_OS_DIR, instance.os,
old_name,, int(time.time()))
logfile = _InstanceLogName("rename", instance.os,
"%s-%s" % (old_name,
result = utils.RunCmd([inst_os.rename_script], env=rename_env,
cwd=inst_os.path, output=logfile)
......@@ -1982,8 +1998,7 @@ def ExportSnapshot(disk, dest_node, instance, cluster_name, idx, debug):
export_script = inst_os.export_script
logfile = "%s/exp-%s-%s-%s.log" % (constants.LOG_OS_DIR,,, int(time.time()))
logfile = _InstanceLogName("export",,
if not os.path.exists(constants.LOG_OS_DIR):
os.mkdir(constants.LOG_OS_DIR, 0750)
real_disk = _RecursiveFindBD(disk)
......@@ -2127,8 +2142,7 @@ def ImportOSIntoInstance(instance, src_node, src_images, cluster_name, debug):
import_env = OSEnvironment(instance, inst_os, debug)
import_script = inst_os.import_script
logfile = "%s/import-%s-%s-%s.log" % (constants.LOG_OS_DIR, instance.os,, int(time.time()))
logfile = _InstanceLogName("import", instance.os,
if not os.path.exists(constants.LOG_OS_DIR):
os.mkdir(constants.LOG_OS_DIR, 0750)
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