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Update NEWS for 2.6.2

This is in preparation for a 2.6.2 release.
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Version 2.6.2
- Disk adoption interaction with ipolicy checks has been fixed.
- Tap device's MAC prefix is now forcibly set to "fe" (issue 217).
- Option to force master-failover without voting added (issue 282).
- Removal of storage directory on shared file storage was fixed (issue
- Validation of LVM volume group name in OpClusterSetParams
(``gnt-cluster modify``) was corrected (issue 285).
- Clarified error message on lock conflict (issue 287).
- Logging of newly submitted jobs has been improved (issue 290).
- Hostname checks have been made uniform between instance rename and
create (issue 291).
- The ``--submit`` option is now supported by ``gnt-debug delay``.
- Shutting down the master daemon by sending SIGTERM now stops it from
processing jobs waiting for locks; instead, those jobs will be started
once again after the master daemon is started the next time (issue
- Support for Xen's ``xl`` program has been improved.
- A type error when doing live migrations with KVM has been fixed (issue
297) and error messages for failing migrations have been improved.
- Another type error when unsetting OS parameters has been fixed (issue
- Several man page updates and typo fixes.
Version 2.6.1
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