Commit 60a67263 authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Fix network query field types/names in the Haskell code

The headers/type/descriptions had some differences from the Python
code, when checked for exact equivalence.
Signed-off-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarHelga Velroyen <>
parent 74df4a99
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ data Runtime = Runtime
networkFields :: FieldList Network Runtime
networkFields =
[ (FieldDefinition "name" "Name" QFTText "Network name",
[ (FieldDefinition "name" "Network" QFTText "Name",
FieldSimple (rsNormal . networkName), QffNormal)
, (FieldDefinition "network" "Subnet" QFTText "IPv4 subnet",
FieldSimple (rsNormal . networkNetwork), QffNormal)
......@@ -64,26 +64,28 @@ networkFields =
FieldSimple (rsMaybeUnavail . networkGateway6), QffNormal)
, (FieldDefinition "mac_prefix" "MacPrefix" QFTOther "MAC address prefix",
FieldSimple (rsMaybeUnavail . networkMacPrefix), QffNormal)
, (FieldDefinition "free_count" "FreeCount" QFTOther "Number of free IPs",
, (FieldDefinition "free_count" "FreeCount" QFTNumber "Number of available\
\ addresses",
FieldSimple (rsMaybeNoData . fmap getFreeCount . createAddressPool),
, (FieldDefinition "map" "Map" QFTText "Map of the network's reserved IPs",
, (FieldDefinition "map" "Map" QFTText "Actual mapping",
FieldSimple (rsMaybeNoData . fmap getMap . createAddressPool),
, (FieldDefinition "reserved_count" "ReservedCount" QFTOther
"Number of reserved IPs",
, (FieldDefinition "reserved_count" "ReservedCount" QFTNumber
"Number of reserved addresses",
FieldSimple (rsMaybeNoData . fmap getReservedCount . createAddressPool),
, (FieldDefinition "group_list" "GroupList" QFTOther "List of node groups",
, (FieldDefinition "group_list" "GroupList" QFTOther
"List of nodegroups (group name, NIC mode, NIC link)",
FieldConfig (\cfg -> rsNormal . getGroupConnections cfg . networkUuid),
, (FieldDefinition "group_cnt" "GroupCount" QFTOther "Number of node groups",
, (FieldDefinition "group_cnt" "NodeGroups" QFTNumber "Number of nodegroups",
FieldConfig (\cfg -> rsNormal . length . getGroupConnections cfg
. networkUuid), QffNormal)
, (FieldDefinition "inst_list" "InstanceList" QFTOther "List of instances",
FieldConfig (\cfg -> rsNormal . getInstances cfg . networkUuid),
, (FieldDefinition "inst_cnt" "InstanceCount" QFTOther "Number of instances",
, (FieldDefinition "inst_cnt" "Instances" QFTNumber "Number of instances",
FieldConfig (\cfg -> rsNormal . length . getInstances cfg
. networkUuid), QffNormal)
] ++
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