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Add more details about hostname issues

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You need to use a fully-qualified name for the hostname of
the nodes.
While you can use an existing system, please note that the
Ganeti installation is intrusive in terms of changes to the
......@@ -115,6 +108,45 @@
configuration. This will make administration much easier.
<title>Hostname issues</title>
Note that Ganeti requires the hostnames of the systems
(i.e. what the <computeroutput>hostname</computeroutput>
command outputs to be a fully-qualified name, not a short
name. In other words, you should use
<literal></literal> as a hostname and not
just <literal>node1</literal>.
Note that Debian Etch configures the hostname differently
than you need it for Ganeti. For example, this is what
Etch puts in <filename>/etc/hosts</filename> in certain
<screen> localhost node1
but for Ganeti you need to have:
<screen> localhost node1
replacing <literal></literal> with your node's
address. Also, the file <filename>/etc/hostname</filename>
which configures the hostname of the system should contain
<literal></literal> and not just
<literal>node1</literal> (you need to run the command
start</computeroutput> after changing the file).
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