Commit 59885275 authored by Guido Trotter's avatar Guido Trotter
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Change --nodes to --node

The --nodes option in gnt-backup really accepts only one node at a time.
Change it to --node, for added clarity and consistency with a similar
option in gnt-cluster. This patch also updates the relevant man page.

Reviewed-By: iustinp
parent 6c4811dc
......@@ -220,15 +220,14 @@
Lists the exports currently available in the default directory
in all the nodes of the current cluster, or optionally only a
subset of them specified by the <option>--nodes</option>
option (use this option multiple times to select multiple
subset of them specified using the <option>--node</option>
option (which can be used multiple times)
......@@ -137,8 +137,9 @@ import_opts = [
commands = {
'list': (PrintExportList, ARGS_NONE,
make_option("--nodes", dest="nodes", default=[], action="append",
help="List only backups stored on these nodes"),
make_option("--node", dest="node", default=[], action="append",
help="List only backups stored on this node"
" (can be used multiple times)"),
"", "Lists instance exports available in the ganeti cluster"),
'export': (ExportInstance, ARGS_ONE,
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