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Update install.sgml with the name of the example OS

We want the name of the example OS to be nicer for packagers, so update
the install documentation accordingly.

Also, put in a notice about using the latest release OS version, so if
we forget to update this doc, we are not completely wrong.

Reviewed-by: schreiberal
parent 1d91c392
......@@ -645,13 +645,15 @@ mkdir /srv/ganeti/ /srv/ganeti/os /srv/ganeti/export
provided on the project web site. Download it from <ulink
url=""></ulink> and follow the
instructions in the <filename>README</filename> file. Here is
the installation procedure:
the installation procedure (replace <constant>0.2</constant>
with the latest version that is compatible with your ganeti
cd /srv/ganeti/os
tar xvf instance-debian-etch-0.2.tar
mv instance-debian-etch-0.2 debian-etch
tar xvf ganeti-instance-debian-etch-0.2.tar
mv ganeti-instance-debian-etch-0.2 debian-etch
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