Commit 3e0cea06 authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Change disk index validation to FindDisk

This patch replaces the hand validation of the disk index with the
instance.FindDisk method (actually reverting to previous method, before
the multi-disk, but now with indexes).

Reviewed-by: ultrotter
parent ad24e046
......@@ -2890,11 +2890,10 @@ class LUQueryInstances(NoHooksLU):
elif st_groups[1] == "sizes":
val = [disk.size for disk in instance.disks]
elif st_groups[1] == "size":
disk_idx = int(st_groups[2])
if disk_idx >= len(instance.disks):
val = instance.FindDisk(st_groups[2]).size
except errors.OpPrereqError:
val = None
val = instance.disks[disk_idx].size
assert False, "Unhandled disk parameter"
elif st_groups[0] == "nic":
......@@ -4039,9 +4038,7 @@ class LUReplaceDisks(LogicalUnit):
self.op.disks = range(len(instance.disks))
for disk_idx in self.op.disks:
if disk_idx < 0 or disk_idx >= len(instance.disks):
raise errors.OpPrereqError("Disk '%s' not found for instance '%s'" %
def _ExecD8DiskOnly(self, feedback_fn):
"""Replace a disk on the primary or secondary for dbrd8.
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