Commit 29d376ec authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Convert volume_list rpc to new style result

This is a big change, because we need to cleanup its users too.

The call and thus LUVerifyDisks LU used to differentiate between failure
at node level and failure at LV level, by returning different types in
the RPC result. This is way too complicated for our needs.

The patch changes to new style result (easy change), and then:
  - changes LUVerifyDisks.Exec() to return a tuple of 3-elements
    instead of 4-elements; we collapse the «nodes not reachable» and
    «nodes with LVM errors» in a single dict
  - changes gnt-cluster to parse 3-element results and simplifies the
    different by-error handling code

Note that the status is added in ganeti-noded, and not in the function
itself, as the function is used in other places too.

This was tested with down nodes and broken VGs.
Signed-off-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
parent 35fbcd11
......@@ -339,7 +339,7 @@ class NodeHttpServer(http.server.HttpServer):
vgname = params[0]
return backend.GetVolumeList(vgname)
return True, backend.GetVolumeList(vgname)
def perspective_vg_list(params):
......@@ -494,9 +494,7 @@ def GetVolumeList(vg_name):
"--separator=%s" % sep,
"-olv_name,lv_size,lv_attr", vg_name])
if result.failed:
logging.error("Failed to list logical volumes, lvs output: %s",
return result.output
_Fail("Failed to list logical volumes, lvs output: %s", result.output)
valid_line_re = re.compile("^ *([^|]+)\|([0-9.]+)\|([^|]{6})\|?$")
for line in result.stdout.splitlines():
......@@ -1289,8 +1289,13 @@ class LUVerifyDisks(NoHooksLU):
def Exec(self, feedback_fn):
"""Verify integrity of cluster disks.
@rtype: tuple of three items
@return: a tuple of (dict of node-to-node_error, list of instances
which need activate-disks, dict of instance: (node, volume) for
missing volumes
result = res_nodes, res_nlvm, res_instances, res_missing = [], {}, [], {}
result = res_nodes, res_instances, res_missing = {}, [], {}
vg_name = self.cfg.GetVGName()
nodes = utils.NiceSort(self.cfg.GetNodeList())
......@@ -1317,24 +1322,17 @@ class LUVerifyDisks(NoHooksLU):
to_act = set()
for node in nodes:
# node_volume
lvs = node_lvs[node]
if lvs.failed:
if not lvs.offline:
self.LogWarning("Connection to node %s failed: %s" %
lvs =
if isinstance(lvs, basestring):
logging.warning("Error enumerating LVs on node %s: %s", node, lvs)
res_nlvm[node] = lvs
node_res = node_lvs[node]
if node_res.offline:
elif not isinstance(lvs, dict):
logging.warning("Connection to node %s failed or invalid data"
" returned", node)
msg = node_res.RemoteFailMsg()
if msg:
logging.warning("Error enumerating LVs on node %s: %s", node, msg)
res_nodes[node] = msg
for lv_name, (_, lv_inactive, lv_online) in lvs.iteritems():
lvs = node_res.payload
for lv_name, (_, lv_inactive, lv_online) in lvs.items():
inst = nv_dict.pop((node, lv_name), None)
if (not lv_online and inst is not None
and not in res_instances):
......@@ -361,20 +361,16 @@ def VerifyDisks(opts, args):
op = opcodes.OpVerifyDisks()
result = SubmitOpCode(op)
if not isinstance(result, (list, tuple)) or len(result) != 4:
if not isinstance(result, (list, tuple)) or len(result) != 3:
raise errors.ProgrammerError("Unknown result type for OpVerifyDisks")
nodes, nlvm, instances, missing = result
bad_nodes, instances, missing = result
if nodes:
ToStdout("Nodes unreachable or with bad data:")
for name in nodes:
ToStdout("\t%s", name)
retcode = constants.EXIT_SUCCESS
if nlvm:
for node, text in nlvm.iteritems():
ToStdout("Error on node %s: LVM error: %s",
if bad_nodes:
for node, text in bad_nodes.items():
ToStdout("Error gathering data on node %s: %s",
node, utils.SafeEncode(text[-400:]))
retcode |= 1
ToStdout("You need to fix these nodes first before fixing instances")
......@@ -394,7 +390,7 @@ def VerifyDisks(opts, args):
if missing:
for iname, ival in missing.iteritems():
all_missing = utils.all(ival, lambda x: x[0] in nlvm)
all_missing = utils.all(ival, lambda x: x[0] in bad_nodes)
if all_missing:
ToStdout("Instance %s cannot be verified as it lives on"
" broken nodes", iname)
......@@ -402,7 +398,7 @@ def VerifyDisks(opts, args):
ToStdout("Instance %s has missing logical volumes:", iname)
for node, vol in ival:
if node in nlvm:
if node in bad_nodes:
ToStdout("\tbroken node %s /dev/xenvg/%s", node, vol)
ToStdout("\t%s /dev/xenvg/%s", node, vol)
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