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Update the NEWS documents for beta1

Also import the NEWS entries from the 1.2 branch which were added since
we created it.

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Version 2.0 beta 1
- Version 2 is a general rewrite of the code and therefore the
differences are too many to list, see the design document for 2.0 in
the doc/ subdirectory for more details
- In this beta version there is not yet a migration path from 1.2
(there will be one in the final 2.0 release)
- A few significant changes are:
- all commands are executed by a daemon (ganeti-masterd) and the
various gnt-* commands are just front-ends to it
- all the commands are entered into, and executed from a job queue,
see gnt-job(8)
- the RAPI daemon supports read-write operations, secured by basic
HTTP authentication on top of HTTPS
- DRBD version 0.7 support has been removed, DRBD 8 is the only
supported version (when migrating from Ganeti 1.2 to 2.0, you need
to migrate to DRBD 8 first while still running Ganeti 1.2)
- DRBD devices are using statically allocated minor numbers, which
will be assigned to existing instances during the migration
- there is support for both Xen PVM and Xen HVM instances running on
the same cluster
- KVM virtualization is supported too
- file-based storage has been implemented, which means that it is
possible to run the cluster without LVM and DRBD storage, for
example using a shared filesystem exported from shared storage
(and still have live migration)
Version 1.2.7
- Change the default reboot type in gnt-instance reboot to "hard"
- Reuse the old instance mac address by default on instance import,
if the instance name is the same.
- Handle situations in which the node info rpc returns incomplete results
(issue 46)
- Add checks for tcp/udp ports collisions in gnt-cluster verify
- Improved version of batcher:
- state file support
- instance mac address support
- support for HVM clusters/instances
- Add an option to show the number of cpu sockets and nodes in gnt-node list
- Support OSes that handle more than one version of the OS api
(but do not change the current API in any other way)
- Fix gnt-node migrate
- gnt-debug man page
- Fixes various more typos&small issues
- Increase disk resync maximum speed to 60MB/s (from 30MB/s)
Version 1.2.6
- new --hvm-nic-type and --hvm-disk-type flags to control the type of disk
exported to fully virtualized instances.
- provide access to the serial console of HVM instances
- instance auto_balance flag, set by default. If turned off it will avoid
warnings on cluster verify if there is not enough memory to fail over an
instance. in the future it will prevent automatically failing it over when
we will support that.
- batcher tool for instance creation, see /tools/README.batcher
- gnt-instance reinstall --select-os to interactively select a new operating
system when reinstalling an instance.
- when changing the memory amount on instance modify a check has been added
that the instance will be able to start. also warnings are emitted if the
instance will not be able to fail over, if auto_balance is true.
- documentation fixes
- sync fields between instance list/modify/add/import
- fix a race condition in drbd when the sync speed was set after giving the
device a remote peer.
Version 1.2.5
- note: the allowed size and number of tags per object were reduced
- fix a bug in “gnt-cluster verify” with inconsistent volume groups
- fixed twisted 8.x compatibility
- fixed gnt-instance replace-disks with iallocator
- add TCP keepalives on twisted connections to detect restarted nodes
- disk increase support, see “gnt-instance grow-disk”
- implement bulk node/instance query for RAPI
- add tags in node/instance listing (optional)
- experimental migration (and live migration) support, read the man
page for “gnt-instance migrate”
- the ganeti-watcher logs are now timestamped, and the watcher also
has some small improvements in handling its state file
Version 1.2.4
- Experimental readonly, REST-based remote API implementation; automatically
started on master node, TCP port 5080, if enabled by --enable-rapi
parameter to configure script.
- Instance allocator support. Add and import instance accept a --iallocator
parameter, and call that instance allocator to decide which node to use for
the instance. The iallocator document describes what's expected from an
allocator script.
- gnt-cluster verify N+1 memory redundancy checks: Unless passed the
--no-nplus1-mem option gnt-cluster verify now checks that if a node is lost
there is still enough memory to fail over the instances that reside on it.
- gnt-cluster verify hooks: it is now possible to add post-hooks to
gnt-cluster verify, to check for site-specific compliance. All the hooks
will run, and their output, if any, will be displayed. Any failing hook
will make the verification return an error value.
- gnt-cluster verify now checks that its peers are reachable on the primary
and secondary interfaces
- gnt-node add now supports the --readd option, to readd a node that is still
declared as part of the cluster and has failed.
- gnt-* list commands now accept a new -o +field way of specifying output
fields, that just adds the chosen fields to the default ones.
- gnt-backup now has a new "remove" command to delete an existing export from
the filesystem.
- New per-instance parameters hvm_acpi, hvm_pae and hvm_cdrom_image_path have
been added. Using them you can enable/disable acpi and pae support, and
specify a path for a cd image to be exported to the instance. These
parameters as the name suggest only work on HVM clusters.
- When upgrading an HVM cluster to Ganeti 1.2.4, the values for ACPI and PAE
support will be set to the previously hardcoded values, but the (previously
hardcoded) path to the CDROM ISO image will be unset and if required, needs
to be set manually with gnt-instance modify after the upgrade..
- The address to which an instance's VNC console is bound is now selectable
per-instance, rather than being cluster wide. Of course this only applies
to instances controlled via VNC, so currently just applies to HVM clusters.
Version 1.2.3
- more tweaks to the disk activation code (especially helpful for DRBD)
- change the default ‘gnt-instance list’ output format, now there is
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