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    Disable synchronous (locking) queries · 77921a95
    Iustin Pop authored
    This patch raises an error in the master daemon in case the user
    requests a locking query; accordingly, all clients were modified to send
    only lockless queries. This is short-term fix, for proper fix the
    clients should be modified to submit a job when the user request a
    locking query.
    The other approach would be to ignore the flag passed by the client;
    this would be worse as client's wouldn't get at least an error.
    The possible impact of this is multiple:
      - some commands could have been not converted, and thus fail; this
        can be remedied easily
      - the consistency of commands is lost; e.g. node failover will not
        lock the node *while we get the node info*, so we could miss some
        data; this is again in the thread of atomic operations which are
        missing in the current model of query-and-act from gnt-* scripts
    Reviewed-by: imsnah, ultrotter
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