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    webproject: Extend allocated xseg pool array · bd8e07f6
    Chrysostomos Nanakos authored
    On gunicorn reload, extend allocated xseg pool per worker class
    array until the already spawned workers exit. On a graceful worker
    exit the previously allocated xseg pool is properly shutdown and
    the new workers takeover the next series of xseg ports.
    On a next reload basis the new workers will always take over the
    previously allocated xseg pool ports. With this mechanism we always
    need at least twice the number of workers in xseg ports per pool.
    Care must be taken in xseg ports accounting and bookkeeping when
    we dynamically change the number of workers by using the TTIN and
    TTOUT signals sent to the master.
    The total number of xseg ports allocated by all workers must not
    exceed the minimum port being used by the Archipelago peers.
    If the total amount of used ports exceeds this limit one should
    rearrange the Archipelago peers ports along with the relevant
    dynamic port range.
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