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    cyclades: Sypport backends with Xen hypervisor · 8bcc0f5f
    Christos Stavrakakis authored
    Support Ganeti backends with Xen hypervisor:
    * Extend 'Backend' model with the 'hypervisor' attribute, which
      currently can be 'kvm' or 'xen'. Use 'kvm' as default value to
      easy database migration. Also add the corresponding schema migration.
    * Do not use hotplug at Xen backends, since it is not
    * Support different 'hvparams' for Xen and KVM backends. Update
      GANETI_CREATEINSTNACE_KWARGS setting to hold 'hvparams' for both
      Xen and KVM.
    * When getting instance console, check 'serial_console' hvparam only
      for Xen instances.
    Refs #3772