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......@@ -104,22 +104,18 @@ By now we have considered implementing only the **Compute** backend of the OCCI
First, you need to install the required dependencies which can be found here:
Install **snf-occi** API translation server by cloning our latest source code:
* `pyssf <>`_
* `kamaki <>`_
Then you can install **snf-occi** API translation server by cloning our latest source code:
git clone
cd snf-occi
cp snfOCCI/ snfOCCI/
python install
* `snf-occi <>`_
**NOTE**: edit the **** before running the service
**NOTE**: Before running you have to edit the **** setting up:
* API Server port
* VM hostname naming pattern (FQDN providing the id of each compute resource)
* VM core architecture
Finally you can start the API translation server by running **snf-occi**
snf-occi is a simple WSGI python application with basic paste support. A full scale deployment is out of the scope of this document, but it is expected to use standard tools like apache and gunicorn to setup the service.
......@@ -155,6 +151,18 @@ For the examples below we assume server is running on localhost (port 8888) and
Here is how to run a local paste server. This is useful only for experimenting
and development and should not be used in production.
sudo apt-get install python-pastedeploy
cp snfOCCI/paste_deploy/ .
server is running on
Follow the test/ instructions to setup a client e.g., with docker, and
test the application with the prepared queries or the examples bellow.
A smart way to test the application is by using the `egifedcloud/fedcloud-userinterface`. Make sure you have valid and authorized proxy certificates in your ${HOME}/.globus directory, and then start a cointainer shell loaded with all necessary client tools. E.g., to perform a "list servers" operation:
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