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    kvm: Support various target device types · dd40330b
    Dimitris Aragiorgis authored
    Old QEMU versions used -drive file=<file>,iface=<iface> in order
    to define a virtual disk. Until now snf-image was using this
    deprecated method and launched the helper using the virtio
    interface. Here we use the new interface which goes down to:
     -drive file=<file>,iface=none,id=disk0
     -device <driver>,drive=disk0
    Ganeti exports the disk type to be used as INSTANCE_HV_disk_type.
    Some of the allowed values are: paravirtual, scsi, scsi-hd,
    scsi-generic, scsi-block, etc.
    In case of paravirtual device type the <driver> will be
    "virtio-blk-pci" and the helper will see the disk as /dev/vdb.
    If the disk type is scsi'ish then the helper will see the device as
    /dev/sda and the <driver> will be:
      - scsi-hd for scsi
      - the same as disk type otherwise
    Note that in case of a scsi'ish disk type an extra SCSI controller
    (virtio-scsi-pci) is added to the QEMU command line.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarDimitris Aragiorgis <dimitris.aragiorgis@gmail.com>
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