Commit f249b561 authored by Nikos Skalkotos's avatar Nikos Skalkotos

Merge branch 'release-0.7' into debian-release-0.7

parents 225cadf4 8e3be4c3
2014-09-12, v0.7rc2
2014-09-16, v0.7rc3
* Support all QEMU supported disk image formats as input media
* Detect if a Windows input media is sysprepped
* Support VirtIO driver installation in Windows
......@@ -51,7 +51,16 @@ def image_info(image):
"""Returns information about an image file"""
qemu_img = get_command('qemu-img')
info = qemu_img('info', '--output', 'json', image)
info = qemu_img('info', '--output', 'json', image)
except sh.ErrorReturnCode_1:
# Old version of qemu-img that does not support --output json
info = qemu_img('info', image)
for line in str(info).splitlines():
if line.startswith('file format:'):
format = line.split(':')[1].strip()
return {'format': format}
raise FatalError("Unable to determine the image format")
return json.loads(str(info))
__version__ = "0.7rc2"
__version__ = "0.7rc3"
__version_vcs_info__ = {
'branch': 'release-0.7',
'revid': '9813162',
'revno': 564}
'revid': 'd595255',
'revno': 566}
__version_user_email__ = ""
__version_user_name__ = "Nikos Skalkotos"
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