Commit ad3e1ed3 authored by Nikos Skalkotos's avatar Nikos Skalkotos
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Rewrite file selection function

Make it more general. Till know it was only used for selecting the input
media but other parts of the program should also make use of it.
parent 10c5dcef
......@@ -24,7 +24,6 @@ user is asked if he wants to use the program in expert or wizard mode.
import dialog
import sys
import os
import stat
import textwrap
import signal
import optparse
......@@ -41,8 +40,8 @@ from image_creator.output.composite import CompositeOutput
from image_creator.disk import Disk
from image_creator.dialog_wizard import start_wizard
from image_creator.dialog_menu import main_menu
from image_creator.dialog_util import SMALL_WIDTH, WIDTH, confirm_exit, \
Reset, update_background_title
from image_creator.dialog_util import WIDTH, confirm_exit, Reset, \
update_background_title, select_file
PROGNAME = os.path.basename(sys.argv[0])
......@@ -137,38 +136,6 @@ def create_image(d, media, out, tmp):
return 0
def select_file(d, media):
"""Select a media file"""
if media == '/':
return '/'
default = os.getcwd() + os.sep
while 1:
if media is not None:
if not os.path.exists(media):
d.msgbox("The file `%s' you choose does not exist." % media,
mode = os.stat(media).st_mode
if not stat.S_ISDIR(mode):
default = media
(code, media) = d.fselect(default, 10, 60, extra_button=1,
title="Please select an input media.",
extra_label="Bundle Host")
if code in (d.DIALOG_CANCEL, d.DIALOG_ESC):
if confirm_exit(d, "You canceled the media selection dialog box."):
media = None
elif code == d.DIALOG_EXTRA:
return '/'
return media
def _dialog_form(self, text, height=20, width=60, form_height=15, fields=[],
"""Display a form box.
......@@ -229,7 +196,16 @@ def dialog_main(media, logfile, tmpdir):
media = select_file(d, media)
while True:
media = select_file(d, init=media, ftype="br", bundle_host=True,
title="Please select an input media.")
if media is None:
if confirm_exit(
d, "You canceled the media selection dialog box."):
return 0
log = SimpleOutput(False, logfile) if logfile is not None else Output()
while 1:
......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ snf-image-creator.
import os
import stat
import re
import json
from image_creator.output.dialog import GaugeOutput
......@@ -30,6 +31,74 @@ SMALL_WIDTH = 60
WIDTH = 70
def select_file(d, **kwargs):
"""Select a file or directory.
The following optional arguments can be applied:
* init: Initial file path. If this path is valid this will be returned
* ftype: Allowed file types. If the value of this argument is "br" only
block devices and regular files are valid. For a list of available
file types, see here:
* title: The dialog box title. The default one is: "Please select a file"
* bundle_host: This can be True or False. If this is True, an extra
"Bundle Host" button will be present if the file selection dialog.
type_check = {'b': stat.S_ISBLK, # Block special
'c': stat.S_ISCHR, # Char special
'd': stat.S_ISDIR, # Directory
'f': stat.S_ISFIFO, # FIFO (named pipe)
'l': stat.S_ISLNK, # Symbolic link
'r': stat.S_ISREG, # Regular file
's': stat.S_ISSOCK} # Socket
fname = None if "init" not in kwargs else kwargs['init']
ftype = set(t for t in kwargs['ftype']) if 'ftype' in kwargs else set('r')
title = kwargs['title'] if 'title' in kwargs else 'Please select a file.'
bundle_host = kwargs['bundle_host'] if 'bundle_host' in kwargs else None
extra_button = 1 if bundle_host else 0
for t in ftype:
assert t in type_check, "Invalid ftype: %s" % t
# This is a special case
if bundle_host and fname == os.sep:
return os.sep
default = os.getcwd() + os.sep
while 1:
if fname is not None:
if not os.path.exists(fname):
d.msgbox("The file `%s' you choose does not exist." % fname,
mode = os.stat(fname).st_mode
for i in ftype:
if type_check[i](mode):
return fname
if stat.S_ISDIR(mode):
default = fname
d.msgbox("Invalid input.", width=SMALL_WIDTH)
(code, fname) = d.fselect(default, 10, 60, extra_button=extra_button,
title=title, extra_label="Bundle Host")
if code in (d.DIALOG_CANCEL, d.DIALOG_ESC):
return None
elif code == d.DIALOG_EXTRA:
return os.sep
return fname
def update_background_title(session):
"""Update the background title of the dialog page"""
d = session['dialog']
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