Commit 9813162b authored by Nikos Skalkotos's avatar Nikos Skalkotos

Add a display attribute in sysprep

The printed name of the sysprep tasks is constructed from the method
name by replacing the _ with " ". This can be used to overwrite it.
parent fed9ea24
......@@ -833,13 +833,12 @@ def sysprep(session):
sysprep_help = "%s\n%s\n\n" % (help_title, '=' * len(help_title))
for task in syspreps:
name, descr = image.os.sysprep_info(task)
display_name = name.replace('-', ' ').capitalize()
sysprep_help += "%s\n" % display_name
sysprep_help += "%s\n" % ('-' * len(display_name))
name, descr, display = image.os.sysprep_info(task)
sysprep_help += "%s\n" % display
sysprep_help += "%s\n" % ('-' * len(display))
sysprep_help += "%s\n\n" % wrapper.fill(" ".join(descr.split()))
enabled = 1 if image.os.sysprep_enabled(task) else 0
choices.append((str(index + 1), display_name, enabled))
choices.append((str(index + 1), display, enabled))
index += 1
(code, tags) = d.checklist(
......@@ -292,12 +292,14 @@ class OSBase(object):
"""Returns information about a sysprep object"""
assert hasattr(obj, '_sysprep'), "Object is not a sysprep"
SysprepInfo = namedtuple("SysprepInfo", "name description")
SysprepInfo = namedtuple("SysprepInfo", "name description display")
name = obj.__name__.replace('_', '-')[1:]
description = textwrap.dedent(obj.__doc__)
display = getattr(obj, '_sysprep_display',
name.replace('-', ' ').capitalize())
return SysprepInfo(name, description)
return SysprepInfo(name, description, display)
def get_sysprep_by_name(self, name):
"""Returns the sysprep object with the given name"""
......@@ -313,20 +313,21 @@ class Windows(OSBase):
self.image.device, self.sysprep_params,
namedtuple('User', 'rid name')(admin, self.usernames[admin]))
@sysprep('Disabling IPv6 privacy extensions')
@sysprep('Disabling IPv6 privacy extensions',
display="Disable IPv6 privacy extensions")
def _disable_ipv6_privacy_extensions(self):
"""Disable IPv6 privacy extensions"""
self.vm.rexec('netsh interface ipv6 set global '
'randomizeidentifiers=disabled store=persistent')
@sysprep('Disabling Teredo interface')
@sysprep('Disabling Teredo interface', display="Disable Teredo")
def _disable_teredo(self):
"""Disable Teredo interface"""
self.vm.rexec('netsh interface teredo set state disabled')
@sysprep('Disabling ISATAP Adapters')
@sysprep('Disabling ISATAP Adapters', display="Disable ISATAP")
def _disable_isatap(self):
"""Disable ISATAP Adapters"""
......@@ -338,7 +339,7 @@ class Windows(OSBase):
self.vm.rexec('netsh firewall set icmpsetting 8')
@sysprep('Setting the system clock to UTC')
@sysprep('Setting the system clock to UTC', display="UTC")
def _utc(self):
"""Set the hardware clock to UTC"""
......@@ -354,7 +355,8 @@ class Windows(OSBase):
"cmd /q /c for /f \"tokens=*\" %l in ('wevtutil el') do "
"wevtutil cl \"%l\"")
@sysprep('Executing Sysprep on the image (may take more that 10 min)')
@sysprep('Executing Sysprep on the image (may take more that 10 min)',
display="Microsoft Sysprep")
def _microsoft_sysprep(self):
"""Run the Microsoft System Preparation Tool. This will remove
system-specific data and will make the image ready to be deployed.
......@@ -365,7 +367,8 @@ class Windows(OSBase):
r'/quiet /generalize /oobe /shutdown', uninstall=True)
self.sysprepped = True
@sysprep('Converting the image into a KMS client', enabled=False)
@sysprep('Converting the image into a KMS client', enabled=False,
display="KMS client setup")
def _kms_client_setup(self):
"""Install the appropriate KMS client setup key to the image to convert
it to a KMS client. Computers that are running volume licensing
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