Commit 81a63274 authored by Nikos Skalkotos's avatar Nikos Skalkotos
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Add acl & user_xattr mount options if needed

In bundling host make sure that the default mount options are enabled
in the newly created file system.
parent 61346179
......@@ -53,6 +53,7 @@ losetup = get_command('losetup')
mount = get_command('mount')
umount = get_command('umount')
blkid = get_command('blkid')
tune2fs = get_command('tune2fs')
MKFS_OPTS = {'ext2': ['-F'],
'ext3': ['-F'],
......@@ -277,11 +278,15 @@ class BundleVolume(object):
def _mount(self, target, devs):
"""Mount a list of filesystems in mountpoints relative to target"""
devs.sort(key=lambda d: d[1])
for dev, mpoint in devs:
for dev, mpoint, options in devs:
absmpoint = os.path.abspath(target + mpoint)
if not os.path.exists(absmpoint):
mount(dev, absmpoint)
if len(options) > 0:
mount(dev, absmpoint, '-o', ",".join(options))
mount(dev, absmpoint)
def _umount_all(self, target):
"""Unmount all filesystems that are mounted under the directory target
......@@ -369,8 +374,10 @@ class BundleVolume(object):
filesystem = {}
orig_dev = {}
for p in self.disk.partitions:
filesystem[p.number] = self._get_mount_options(p.path)
orig_dev[p.number] = p.path
unmounted = filter(lambda p: filesystem[p.num] is None, partitions)
mounted = filter(lambda p: filesystem[p.num] is not None, partitions)
......@@ -385,6 +392,8 @@ class BundleVolume(object):
loop = str(losetup('-f', '--show', image)).strip()
# Recreate mounted file systems
mapped = {}
for p in mounted:
......@@ -398,15 +407,34 @@ class BundleVolume(object):
self.out.output('Creating %s filesystem on partition %d ... ' %
(fs, i), False)
get_command('mkfs.%s' % fs)(*(MKFS_OPTS[fs] + [dev]))
# For ext[234] enable the default mount options
if re.match('^ext[234]$', fs):
mopts = filter(
lambda p: p.startswith('Default mount options:'),
tune2fs('-l', orig_dev[i]).splitlines()
if not (len(mopts) == 1 and mopts[0] == '(none)'):
for opt in mopts:
tune2fs('-o', opt, dev)
new_uuid[i] = blkid(
'-s', 'UUID', '-o', 'value', dev).stdout.strip()
target = tempfile.mkdtemp()
devs = []
for i in mapped.keys():
fs = filesystem[i].fs
mpoint = filesystem[i].mpoint
opts = []
for opt in filesystem[i].opts.split(','):
if opt in ('acl', 'user_xattr'):
devs.append((mapped[i], mpoint, opts))
[(mapped[i], filesystem[i].mpoint) for i in mapped.keys()])
self._mount(target, devs)
excluded = self._to_exclude()
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