Commit 77d2b6b1 authored by Nikos Skalkotos's avatar Nikos Skalkotos

Update version files and ChangeLog for v0.9

parent 5c8dc8c6
2015-02-27, v0.9rc2
* Fix a typo that raised an AttributeError exception on *BSD systems
* Fix a bug that broke the VirtIO installation in some cases in Windows
2015-02-24, v0.9rc1
2015-03-02, v0.9
* Add Linux syspreps for disabling the IPv6 privacy extensions and for
changing the boot timeout
* Add support for syslinux
__version__ = "0.9rc2"
__version__ = "0.9"
__version_vcs_info__ = {
'branch': 'release-0.9',
'revid': '57e48a9',
'revno': 686}
'branch': 'master',
'revid': '9a60629',
'revno': 689}
__version_user_email__ = ""
__version_user_name__ = "Nikos Skalkotos"
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