Commit 6f9e1534 authored by Nikos Skalkotos's avatar Nikos Skalkotos
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Use user id to authenticate with synnefo

Latest versions of synnefo require user id instead of e-mail to
parent 8ec4da46
......@@ -175,7 +175,7 @@ following basic information:
* Name: A short name for the image (ex. "Slackware")
* Description: An one-line description for the image
(ex. "Slackware Linux 14.0 with KDE")
* Account: An *~okeanos* account email
* Account: An *~okeanos* account user id
* Token: A token corresponding to the account given above
After confirming, the image will be extracted, uploaded to *pithos+* and
......@@ -266,7 +266,7 @@ def kamaki_menu(session):
token = session["token"] if "token" in session else "<none>"
upload = session["upload"] if "upload" in session else "<none>"
choices = [("Account", "Change your ~okeanos username: %s" % account),
choices = [("Account", "Change your ~okeanos user id: %s" % account),
("Token", "Change your ~okeanos token: %s" % token),
("Upload", "Upload image to pithos+"),
("Register", "Register the image to cyclades: %s" % upload)]
......@@ -283,7 +283,7 @@ def kamaki_menu(session):
if choice == "Account":
default_item = "Account"
(code, answer) = d.inputbox(
"Please provide your ~okeanos account e-mail address:",
"Please provide your ~okeanos account user id:",
init=session["account"] if "account" in session else '',
if code in (d.DIALOG_CANCEL, d.DIALOG_ESC):
......@@ -191,7 +191,7 @@ def wizard(session):
init=session['metadata']['DESCRIPTION'] if
'DESCRIPTION' in session['metadata'] else '')
account = WizardInputPage("account",
"Please provide your ~okeanos account e-mail:",
"Please provide your ~okeanos account user id:",
title="~okeanos account information",
token = WizardInputPage("token",
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