Commit 29fd973e authored by Nikos Skalkotos's avatar Nikos Skalkotos
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Support mounting freebsd ufs filesystems

UFS2 filesystems don't get automatically detected by the linux
kernel. We need to explicitly state the correct filesystem type
and options
parent f564c1ff
......@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@ class Image(object):
self.guestfs_device = None
self.size = 0
self.mounted = False
self.mounted_ro = False
self.g = guestfs.GuestFS()
self.g.add_drive_opts(self.device, readonly=0, format="raw")
......@@ -158,10 +159,12 @@ class Image(object):
def mount(self, readonly=False):
"""Mount all disk partitions in a correct order."""
mount = self.g.mount_ro if readonly else self.g.mount
msg = " read-only" if readonly else ""
self.out.output("Mounting the media%s ..." % msg, False)
mps = self.g.inspect_get_mountpoints(self.root)
msg = "Mounting the media%s ..." % (" read-only" if readonly else "")
self.out.output(msg, False)
#If something goes wrong when mounting rw, remount the filesystem ro
remount_ro = False
rw_mpoints = ('/', '/etc', '/root', '/home', '/var')
# Sort the keys to mount the fs in a correct order.
# / should be mounted befor /boot, etc
......@@ -172,15 +175,45 @@ class Image(object):
return 0
return -1
mps = self.g.inspect_get_mountpoints(self.root)
mopts = 'ro' if readonly else 'rw'
for mp, dev in mps:
if self.ostype == 'freebsd':
# libguestfs can't handle correct freebsd partitions on GUID
# Partition Table. We have to do the translation to linux
# device names ourselves
m = re.match('^/dev/((?:ada)|(?:vtbd))(\d+)p(\d+)$', dev)
if m:
m2 = int(
m3 = int(
dev = '/dev/sd%c%d' % (chr(ord('a') + m2), m3)
mount(dev, mp)
self.g.mount_options(mopts, dev, mp)
except RuntimeError as msg:
self.out.warn("%s (ignored)" % msg)
self.mounted = True
if self.ostype == 'freebsd':
freebsd_mopts = "ufstype=ufs2,%s" % mopts
self.g.mount_vfs(freebsd_mopts, 'ufs', dev, mp)
except RuntimeError as msg:
if readonly is False and mp in rw_mpoints:
remount_ro = True
elif readonly is False and mp in rw_mpoints:
remount_ro = True
self.out.warn("%s (ignored)" % msg)
if remount_ro:
self.out.warn("Unable to mount %s read-write. "
"Remounting everything read-only..." % mp)
self.mounted = True
self.mounted_ro = readonly
def umount(self):
"""Umount all mounted filesystems."""
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