Commit 09743d3a authored by Nikos Skalkotos's avatar Nikos Skalkotos
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Add image properties help file

parent 279f2c7d
......@@ -316,9 +316,8 @@ def register_image(session):
return False
if "upload" not in session:
d.msgbox("You need to have an image uploaded to pithos+ before you "
"can register it to cyclades",
d.msgbox("You need to upload the image to pithos+ before you can "
"register it to cyclades", width=MSGBOX_WIDTH)
return False
while 1:
......@@ -362,7 +361,7 @@ def kamaki_menu(session):
choices = [("Account", "Change your ~okeanos username: %s" % account),
("Token", "Change your ~okeanos token: %s" % token),
("Upload", "Upload image to pithos+"),
("Register", "Register image to cyclades: %s" % upload)]
("Register", "Register the image to cyclades: %s" % upload)]
(code, choice) =
text="Choose one of the following or press <Back> to go back.",
......@@ -480,6 +479,10 @@ def modify_properties(session):
# ADD button
elif code == d.DIALOG_EXTRA:
elif code == 'help':
help_file = get_help_file("image_properties")
assert os.path.exists(help_file)
d.textbox(help_file, title="Image Properties", width=70, height=40)
def delete_properties(session):
Image properties with special meaning
Properties used during image deployment
- OSFAMILY={linux, windows}
This specifies whether this is a Linux or a Windows image.
The partition number of the root partition.
- USERS="username1 username2..."
This is a space-seperated list of users, whose password will
be reset during deployment.
- SWAP=<n>:<size>
If this property is present, cyclades will create a swap
partition with given size at the end of the instance's disk.
This property only makes sense for Linux images.
Properties used by the ~okeanos User Interface
- OS
The value of this property is used to associate the image
with an Operating System Logo.
A short description about the image.
This is used by the UI to compute the image copy progress
during deployment.
Short description about the Graphical User Interface the
image hosts.
The kernel version of the image OS.
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