Commit fcbd025c authored by Christos Stavrakakis's avatar Christos Stavrakakis Committed by Helga Velroyen
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Display UUIDs and names in gnt-instance info

Modify gnt-instance client to display the UUID and name
fields of instances disks and NICs.
Signed-off-by: default avatarChristos Stavrakakis <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDimitris Aragiorgis <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarHelga Velroyen <>
parent 3fe22abd
......@@ -1048,6 +1048,9 @@ def _FormatBlockDevInfo(idx, top_level, dev, roman):
if dev["sstatus"]:
data.append(("on secondary", helper(dev["dev_type"], dev["sstatus"])))
data.append(("name", dev["name"]))
data.append(("UUID", dev["uuid"]))
if dev["children"]:
data.append(("child devices", [
_FormatBlockDevInfo(c_idx, False, child, roman)
......@@ -1058,7 +1061,7 @@ def _FormatBlockDevInfo(idx, top_level, dev, roman):
def _FormatInstanceNicInfo(idx, nic):
"""Helper function for L{_FormatInstanceInfo()}"""
(ip, mac, mode, link, _, netinfo) = nic
(name, uuid, ip, mac, mode, link, _, netinfo) = nic
network_name = None
if netinfo:
network_name = netinfo["name"]
......@@ -1069,6 +1072,8 @@ def _FormatInstanceNicInfo(idx, nic):
("mode", str(mode)),
("link", str(link)),
("network", str(network_name)),
("UUID", str(uuid)),
("name", str(name)),
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