Commit fcb1f331 authored by Michael Hanselmann's avatar Michael Hanselmann
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Give more details on errors when trying to run “lvdisplay”.

Reviewed-by: schreiberal
parent 2fa9f1dd
......@@ -400,8 +400,8 @@ class LogicalVolume(BlockDev):
result = utils.RunCmd(["lvdisplay", self.dev_path])
if result.failed:
logger.Error("Can't find LV %s: %s" %
(self.dev_path, result.fail_reason))
logger.Error("Can't find LV %s: %s, %s" %
(self.dev_path, result.fail_reason, result.output))
return False
match = re.compile("^ *Block device *([0-9]+):([0-9]+).*$")
for line in result.stdout.splitlines():
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