Commit f1b083ce authored by Michael Hanselmann's avatar Michael Hanselmann
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gnt-cluster: Replace hardcoded “xenvg” with value retrieved from master

This fixes issue 125 (

Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent 9fc58eac
......@@ -428,8 +428,10 @@ def VerifyDisks(opts, args):
@return: the desired exit code
cl = GetClient()
op = opcodes.OpVerifyDisks()
result = SubmitOpCode(op, opts=opts)
result = SubmitOpCode(op, opts=opts, cl=cl)
if not isinstance(result, (list, tuple)) or len(result) != 3:
raise errors.ProgrammerError("Unknown result type for OpVerifyDisks")
......@@ -451,13 +453,15 @@ def VerifyDisks(opts, args):
op = opcodes.OpActivateInstanceDisks(instance_name=iname)
ToStdout("Activating disks for instance '%s'", iname)
SubmitOpCode(op, opts=opts)
SubmitOpCode(op, opts=opts, cl=cl)
except errors.GenericError, err:
nret, msg = FormatError(err)
retcode |= nret
ToStderr("Error activating disks for instance %s: %s", iname, msg)
if missing:
(vg_name, ) = cl.QueryConfigValues(["volume_group_name"])
for iname, ival in missing.iteritems():
all_missing = compat.all(x[0] in bad_nodes for x in ival)
if all_missing:
......@@ -468,11 +472,12 @@ def VerifyDisks(opts, args):
for node, vol in ival:
if node in bad_nodes:
ToStdout("\tbroken node %s /dev/xenvg/%s", node, vol)
ToStdout("\tbroken node %s /dev/%s/%s", node, vg_name, vol)
ToStdout("\t%s /dev/xenvg/%s", node, vol)
ToStdout("\t%s /dev/%s/%s", node, vg_name, vol)
ToStdout("You need to run replace_disks for all the above"
" instances, if this message persist after fixing nodes.")
" instances, if this message persist after fixing nodes.")
retcode |= 1
return retcode
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