Commit f078c799 authored by Faidon Liambotis's avatar Faidon Liambotis Committed by Guido Trotter
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LXC: add support for the memory controller

Add support for the memory resource controller, useful to actually place
memory limits on instances.

Support is still optional, in case the kernel doesn't have it compiled
in, or -in the case of Debian- has it dependent on a kernel command-line
switch (cgroup_enable=memory specifically).
Signed-off-by: default avatarFaidon Liambotis <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
parent 2e5a6203
......@@ -43,8 +43,6 @@ class LXCHypervisor(hv_base.BaseHypervisor):
- move hardcoded parameters into hypervisor parameters, once we
have the container-parameter support
- implement memory limits, but only optionally, depending on host
kernel support
- LXC is very temperamental; in daemon mode, it succeeds or fails
......@@ -143,6 +141,22 @@ class LXCHypervisor(hv_base.BaseHypervisor):
return utils.ParseCpuMask(cpus)
def _GetCgroupMemoryLimit(cls, instance_name):
"""Return the memory limit for an instance
cgroup = cls._GetCgroupMountPoint()
memory = int(utils.ReadFile(utils.PathJoin(cgroup, 'lxc',
except EnvironmentError:
# memory resource controller may be disabled, ignore
memory = 0
return memory
def ListInstances(self):
"""Get the list of running instances.
......@@ -154,7 +168,7 @@ class LXCHypervisor(hv_base.BaseHypervisor):
@type instance_name: string
@param instance_name: the instance name
@rtype: tuple of strings
@return: (name, id, memory, vcpus, stat, times)
......@@ -172,7 +186,8 @@ class LXCHypervisor(hv_base.BaseHypervisor):
return None
cpu_list = self._GetCgroupCpuList(instance_name)
return (instance_name, 0, 0, len(cpu_list), 0, 0)
memory = self._GetCgroupMemoryLimit(instance_name) / (1024 ** 2)
return (instance_name, 0, memory, len(cpu_list), 0, 0)
def GetAllInstancesInfo(self):
"""Get properties of all instances.
......@@ -230,6 +245,17 @@ class LXCHypervisor(hv_base.BaseHypervisor):
out.append("lxc.cgroup.cpuset.cpus = %s" %
# Memory
# Conditionally enable, memory resource controller might be disabled
cgroup = self._GetCgroupMountPoint()
if os.path.exists(utils.PathJoin(cgroup, 'memory.limit_in_bytes')):
out.append("lxc.cgroup.memory.limit_in_bytes = %dM" %
if os.path.exists(utils.PathJoin(cgroup, 'memory.memsw.limit_in_bytes')):
out.append("lxc.cgroup.memory.memsw.limit_in_bytes = %dM" %
# Device control
# deny direct device access
out.append("lxc.cgroup.devices.deny = a")
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