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admin.rst update regarding offline state of the instance

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......@@ -287,10 +287,22 @@ manually start one which is currently stopped you can run::
gnt-instance startup INSTANCE_NAME
While the command to stop one is::
Note, that this will not work when an instance is in a permanently
stopped state ``offline``. In this case, you will first have to
put it back to online mode by running::
gnt-instance modify --online INSTANCE_NAME
The command to stop the running instance is::
gnt-instance shutdown INSTANCE_NAME
If you want to shut the instance down more permanently, so that it
does not require dynamically allocated resources (memory and vcpus),
after shutting down an instance, execute the following::
gnt-instance modify --ofline INSTANCE_NAME
.. warning:: Do not use the Xen or KVM commands directly to stop
instances. If you run for example ``xm shutdown`` or ``xm destroy``
on an instance Ganeti will automatically restart it (via
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