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Update the man page for ‘gnt-cluster’

This adds some information about the new ‘verify-disks’ command.

Reviewed-by: imsnah
parent d2f311db
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
<!-- Fill in your name for FIRSTNAME and SURNAME. -->
<!-- Please adjust the date whenever revising the manpage. -->
<!ENTITY dhdate "<date>June 20, 2007</date>">
<!ENTITY dhdate "<date>December 12, 2007</date>">
<!-- SECTION should be 1-8, maybe w/ subsection other parameters are
allowed: see man(7), man(1). -->
<!ENTITY dhsection "<manvolnum>8</manvolnum>">
......@@ -357,6 +357,26 @@
The command checks which instances have degraded DRBD disks
and activates the disks of those instances.
This command is run from the <command>ganeti-watcher</command>
tool, which also has a different, complementary algorithm for
doing this check. Together, these two should ensure that DRBD
disks are kept consistent.
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