Commit ec29fe40 authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Change class hierarchy in

It makes sense to make the TaggableObject a child of the ConfigObject,
since in this case we can derive the Instance, Node and Cluster objects
only from the TaggableObject and have a cleaner hierarchy.

For consistency child classes will have to declare their slots by adding
their parents on top.

Reviewed-by: imsnah,ultrotter
parent 89e1fc26
......@@ -148,11 +148,11 @@ class ConfigObject(object):
return ConfigObject.Load(StringIO(data))
class TaggableObject(object):
class TaggableObject(ConfigObject):
"""An generic class supporting tags.
__slots__ = []
__slots__ = ConfigObject.__slots__ + ["tags"]
def ValidateTag(tag):
......@@ -287,9 +287,9 @@ class Disk(ConfigObject):
return result
class Instance(ConfigObject, TaggableObject):
class Instance(TaggableObject):
"""Config object representing an instance."""
__slots__ = [
__slots__ = TaggableObject.__slots__ + [
......@@ -299,7 +299,6 @@ class Instance(ConfigObject, TaggableObject):
def _ComputeSecondaryNodes(self):
......@@ -407,14 +406,18 @@ class OS(ConfigObject):
class Node(ConfigObject, TaggableObject):
class Node(TaggableObject):
"""Config object representing a node."""
__slots__ = ["name", "primary_ip", "secondary_ip", "tags"]
__slots__ = TaggableObject.__slots__ + [
class Cluster(ConfigObject, TaggableObject):
class Cluster(TaggableObject):
"""Config object representing the cluster."""
__slots__ = [
__slots__ = TaggableObject.__slots__ + [
......@@ -423,7 +426,6 @@ class Cluster(ConfigObject, TaggableObject):
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