Commit e8e079f3 authored by Dimitris Aragiorgis's avatar Dimitris Aragiorgis Committed by Iustin Pop
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Modify LUInstanceCreate to support networks

Implement backend support, to export the IP pool management
functionality to the clients. When the new NIC parameter 'network' is
given, the ippool management system is triggered.  If a NIC belongs to
a network, it inherits the netparams (mode, link) as its nicparams. If
a network is requested, then no 'mode' or 'link' should be
specified. Backwards compatibility is preserved, if 'network'
parameter is omitted.

Examples for IP pool management system:

--net 0:network=net1
  for an IPless NIC in a network

--net 0:ip=pool,network=net1
  for automatically generated IP inside the network

--net 0:ip=,network=net1
  for specific IP inside the network

--net 0:network=none
  for IPless NIC with default nicparams

Examples for traditional assignment:

--net 0:ip=,link=br100,mode=bridged
--net 0:ip=none,link=rt2,mode=routed
--net 0

Check for conflicting IPs to ensure IP uniqueness inside nodegroups.

IAllocator should be extended to become network aware. If an instance
has a NIC inside a network, then IAllocator must pick a node that its
nodegroup is already connected with that network.
Signed-off-by: default avatarApollon Oikonomopoulos <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDimitris Aragiorgis <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent ad4a9ae7
......@@ -1340,7 +1340,7 @@ def _BuildInstanceHookEnv(name, primary_node, secondary_nodes, os_type, status,
@type vcpus: string
@param vcpus: the count of VCPUs the instance has
@type nics: list
@param nics: list of tuples (ip, mac, mode, link) representing
@param nics: list of tuples (ip, mac, mode, link, network) representing
the NICs the instance has
@type disk_template: string
@param disk_template: the disk template of the instance
......@@ -1375,13 +1375,14 @@ def _BuildInstanceHookEnv(name, primary_node, secondary_nodes, os_type, status,
if nics:
nic_count = len(nics)
for idx, (ip, mac, mode, link) in enumerate(nics):
for idx, (ip, mac, mode, link, network) in enumerate(nics):
if ip is None:
ip = ""
env["INSTANCE_NIC%d_IP" % idx] = ip
env["INSTANCE_NIC%d_MAC" % idx] = mac
env["INSTANCE_NIC%d_MODE" % idx] = mode
env["INSTANCE_NIC%d_LINK" % idx] = link
env["INSTANCE_NIC%d_NETWORK" % idx] = network
if mode == constants.NIC_MODE_BRIDGED:
env["INSTANCE_NIC%d_BRIDGE" % idx] = link
......@@ -1431,7 +1432,8 @@ def _NICListToTuple(lu, nics):
filled_params = cluster.SimpleFillNIC(nic.nicparams)
mode = filled_params[constants.NIC_MODE]
link = filled_params[constants.NIC_LINK]
hooks_nics.append((ip, mac, mode, link))
network =
hooks_nics.append((ip, mac, mode, link, network))
return hooks_nics
......@@ -9411,14 +9413,19 @@ def _ComputeNics(op, cluster, default_ip, cfg, proc):
if nic_mode is None or nic_mode == constants.VALUE_AUTO:
nic_mode = cluster.nicparams[constants.PP_DEFAULT][constants.NIC_MODE]
# in routed mode, for the first nic, the default ip is 'auto'
if nic_mode == constants.NIC_MODE_ROUTED and idx == 0:
default_ip_mode = constants.VALUE_AUTO
net = nic.get(constants.INIC_NETWORK, None)
link = nic.get(constants.NIC_LINK, None)
ip = nic.get(constants.INIC_IP, None)
if net is None or net.lower() == constants.VALUE_NONE:
net = None
default_ip_mode = constants.VALUE_NONE
if nic_mode_req is not None or link is not None:
raise errors.OpPrereqError("If network is given, no mode or link"
" is allowed to be passed",
# ip validity checks
ip = nic.get(constants.INIC_IP, default_ip_mode)
if ip is None or ip.lower() == constants.VALUE_NONE:
nic_ip = None
elif ip.lower() == constants.VALUE_AUTO:
......@@ -9428,9 +9435,18 @@ def _ComputeNics(op, cluster, default_ip, cfg, proc):
nic_ip = default_ip
if not netutils.IPAddress.IsValid(ip):
# We defer pool operations until later, so that the iallocator has
# filled in the instance's node(s) dimara
if ip.lower() == constants.NIC_IP_POOL:
if net is None:
raise errors.OpPrereqError("if ip=pool, parameter network"
" must be passed too",
elif not netutils.IPAddress.IsValid(ip):
raise errors.OpPrereqError("Invalid IP address '%s'" % ip,
nic_ip = ip
# TODO: check the ip address for uniqueness
......@@ -9452,9 +9468,6 @@ def _ComputeNics(op, cluster, default_ip, cfg, proc):
# Build nic parameters
link = nic.get(constants.INIC_LINK, None)
if link == constants.VALUE_AUTO:
link = cluster.nicparams[constants.PP_DEFAULT][constants.NIC_LINK]
nicparams = {}
if nic_mode_req:
nicparams[constants.NIC_MODE] = nic_mode
......@@ -9749,6 +9762,8 @@ class LUInstanceCreate(LogicalUnit):
"""Run the allocator based on input opcode.
#TODO Export network to iallocator so that it chooses a pnode
# in a nodegroup that has the desired network connected to
req = _CreateInstanceAllocRequest(self.op, self.disks,
self.nics, self.be_full)
ial = iallocator.IAllocator(self.cfg, self.rpc, req)
......@@ -10138,6 +10153,45 @@ class LUInstanceCreate(LogicalUnit):
self.secondaries = []
# Fill in any IPs from IP pools. This must happen here, because we need to
# know the nic's primary node, as specified by the iallocator
for idx, nic in enumerate(self.nics):
net =
if net is not None:
netparams = self.cfg.GetGroupNetParams(net,
if netparams is None:
raise errors.OpPrereqError("No netparams found for network"
" %s. Propably not connected to"
" node's %s nodegroup" %
self.LogInfo("NIC/%d inherits netparams %s" %
(idx, netparams.values()))
nic.nicparams = dict(netparams)
if nic.ip is not None:
filled_params = cluster.SimpleFillNIC(nic.nicparams)
if nic.ip.lower() == constants.NIC_IP_POOL:
nic.ip = self.cfg.GenerateIp(net, self.proc.GetECId())
except errors.ReservationError:
raise errors.OpPrereqError("Unable to get a free IP for NIC %d"
" from the address pool" % idx,
self.LogInfo("Chose IP %s from network %s", nic.ip, net)
self.cfg.ReserveIp(net, nic.ip, self.proc.GetECId())
except errors.ReservationError:
raise errors.OpPrereqError("IP address %s already in use"
" or does not belong to network %s" %
(nic.ip, net),
# net is None, ip None or given
if self.op.conflicts_check:
_CheckForConflictingIp(self, nic.ip,
# mirror node verification
if self.op.disk_template in constants.DTS_INT_MIRROR:
if self.op.snode ==
......@@ -15943,3 +15997,20 @@ def _GetQueryImplementation(name):
except KeyError:
raise errors.OpPrereqError("Unknown query resource '%s'" % name,
def _CheckForConflictingIp(lu, ip, node):
"""In case of conflicting ip raise error.
@type ip: string
@param ip: ip address
@type node: string
@param node: node name
(conf_net, conf_netparams) = lu.cfg.CheckIPInNodeGroup(ip, node)
if conf_net is not None:
raise errors.OpPrereqError("Conflicting IP found:"
" %s <> %s." % (ip, conf_net),
return (None, None)
......@@ -1359,6 +1359,7 @@ class ConfigWriter:
self._config_data.instances[] = instance
self._config_data.cluster.serial_no += 1
def _EnsureUUID(self, item, ec_id):
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