Commit e74798c1 authored by Michael Hanselmann's avatar Michael Hanselmann
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jqueue: Add common RPC error handling function

We didn't decide yet what exactly it should do with failed nodes.

Reviewed-by: ultrotter
parent 57a2fb91
......@@ -401,30 +401,40 @@ class JobQueue(object):
except KeyError:
def _CheckRpcResult(self, result, nodes, failmsg):
failed = []
success = []
for node in nodes:
if result[node]:
if failed:
logging.error("%s failed on %s", failmsg, ", ".join(failed))
# +1 for the master node
if (len(success) + 1) < len(failed):
# TODO: Handle failing nodes
logging.error("More than half of the nodes failed")
def _WriteAndReplicateFileUnlocked(self, file_name, data):
"""Writes a file locally and then replicates it to all nodes.
utils.WriteFile(file_name, data=data)
failed_nodes = 0
result = rpc.call_jobqueue_update(self._nodes, file_name, data)
for node in self._nodes:
if not result[node]:
failed_nodes += 1
logging.error("Copy of job queue file to node %s failed", node)
# TODO: check failed_nodes
self._CheckRpcResult(result, self._nodes,
"Updating %s" % file_name)
def _RenameFileUnlocked(self, old, new):
os.rename(old, new)
result = rpc.call_jobqueue_rename(self._nodes, old, new)
for node in self._nodes:
if not result[node]:
logging.error("Moving %s to %s failed on %s", old, new, node)
# TODO: check failed nodes
self._CheckRpcResult(result, self._nodes,
"Moving %s to %s" % (old, new))
def _FormatJobID(self, job_id):
if not isinstance(job_id, (int, long)):
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