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Clarify cluster nic parameters in install.rst

There were a few outdated options specified there. This patch unifies
the description under only one section, and updates it.
Signed-off-by: default avatarGuido Trotter <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
parent 4c61d894
......@@ -317,16 +317,11 @@ way to do things, and you'll definitely need to manually set it up under
Beware that the default name Ganeti uses is ``xen-br0`` (which was used
in Xen 2.0) while Xen 3.0 uses ``xenbr0`` by default. The default bridge
your Ganeti cluster will use for new instances can be specified at
cluster initialization time.
in Xen 2.0) while Xen 3.0 uses ``xenbr0`` by default. See the
`Initializing the cluster`_ section to learn how to choose a different
bridge, or not to use one at all and use "routed mode".
If you want to run in "routing mode" you need to specify that at cluster
init time (using the --nicparam option), and then no bridge will be
needed. In this mode instance traffic will be routed by dom0, instead of
In order to use "routing mode" under Xen, you'll need to change the
In order to use "routed mode" under Xen, you'll need to change the
relevant parameters in the Xen config file. Under KVM instead, no config
change is necessary, but you still need to set up your network
interfaces correctly.
......@@ -524,12 +519,18 @@ hostname used for this must resolve to an IP address reserved
(master) node.
If you want to use a bridge which is not ``xen-br0``, or no bridge at
all, use ``--nicparams``.
all, change it with the ``--nic-parameters`` option. For example to
bridge on br0 you can say::
--nic-parameters link=br0
Or to not bridge at all, and use a separate routing table::
--nic-parameters mode=routed,link=100
If the bridge name you are using is not ``xen-br0``, use the *-b
<BRIDGENAME>* option to specify the bridge name. In this case, you
should also use the *--master-netdev <BRIDGENAME>* option with the same
BRIDGENAME argument.
If you don't have a xen-br0 interface you also have to specify a
different network interface which will get the cluster ip, on the master
node, by using the ``--master-netdev <device>`` option.
You can use a different name than ``xenvg`` for the volume group (but
note that the name must be identical on all nodes). In this case you
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