Commit dfff41f8 authored by Guido Trotter's avatar Guido Trotter
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gnt-instance info: remove hvattr descriptions

Having hvattr descriptions is only confusing for the user, because even
if they explain better what an attribute is about, they don't help in
deciding what keyword should be used to actually set it. If in the
future we want descriptions they should probably live in,
and be displayed together with the key, rather than instead of it.

This patch also changes the handling of the vnc console connection
description, making compatible work with both kvm and xen-hvm.

Reviewed-by: iustinp
parent 9854f5d0
......@@ -1110,42 +1110,33 @@ def ShowInstanceConfig(opts, args):
if instance.has_key("network_port"):
buf.write(" Allocated network port: %s\n" % instance["network_port"])
buf.write(" Hypervisor: %s\n" % instance["hypervisor"])
if instance["hypervisor"] == constants.HT_XEN_PVM:
hvattrs = ((constants.HV_KERNEL_PATH, "kernel path"),
(constants.HV_INITRD_PATH, "initrd path"))
elif instance["hypervisor"] == constants.HT_XEN_HVM:
hvattrs = ((constants.HV_BOOT_ORDER, "boot order"),
(constants.HV_ACPI, "ACPI"),
(constants.HV_PAE, "PAE"),
(constants.HV_CDROM_IMAGE_PATH, "virtual CDROM"),
(constants.HV_NIC_TYPE, "NIC type"),
(constants.HV_DISK_TYPE, "Disk type"),
(constants.HV_VNC_BIND_ADDRESS, "VNC bind address"),
# custom console information for HVM
vnc_bind_address = instance["hv_actual"][constants.HV_VNC_BIND_ADDRESS]
if vnc_bind_address == constants.BIND_ADDRESS_GLOBAL:
vnc_console_port = "%s:%s" % (instance["pnode"],
elif vnc_bind_address == constants.LOCALHOST_IP_ADDRESS:
vnc_console_port = "%s:%s on node %s" % (vnc_bind_address,
# custom VNC console information
vnc_bind_address = instance["hv_actual"].get(constants.HV_VNC_BIND_ADDRESS,
if vnc_bind_address:
port = instance["network_port"]
display = int(port) - constants.VNC_BASE_PORT
if display > 0 and vnc_bind_address == constants.BIND_ADDRESS_GLOBAL:
vnc_console_port = "%s:%s (display %s)" % (instance["pnode"],
elif display > 0 and utils.IsValidIP(vnc_bind_address):
vnc_console_port = ("%s:%s (node %s) (display %s)" %
(vnc_bind_address, port,
instance["pnode"], display))
vnc_console_port = "%s:%s" % (vnc_bind_address,
# vnc bind address is a file
vnc_console_port = "%s:%s" % (instance["pnode"],
buf.write(" - console connection: vnc to %s\n" % vnc_console_port)
# auto-handle other hypervisor types
hvattrs = [(key, key) for key in instance["hv_actual"]]
for key, desc in hvattrs:
for key in instance["hv_actual"]:
if key in instance["hv_instance"]:
val = instance["hv_instance"][key]
val = "default (%s)" % instance["hv_actual"][key]
buf.write(" - %s: %s\n" % (desc, val))
buf.write(" - %s: %s\n" % (key, val))
buf.write(" Hardware:\n")
buf.write(" - VCPUs: %d\n" %
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