Commit de3b8e39 authored by Luca Bigliardi's avatar Luca Bigliardi
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Introduce LogFileHandler class

Add a log handler class which logs to /dev/console in case of logging errors.
Signed-off-by: default avatarLuca Bigliardi <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMichael Hanselmann <>
parent 481d47e8
......@@ -2067,6 +2067,40 @@ def GetDaemonPort(daemon_name):
return port
class LogFileHandler(logging.FileHandler):
"""Log handler that doesn't fallback to stderr.
When an error occurs while writing on the logfile, logging.FileHandler tries
to log on stderr. This doesn't work in ganeti since stderr is redirected to
the logfile. This class avoids failures reporting errors to /dev/console.
def __init__(self, filename, mode="a", encoding=None):
"""Open the specified file and use it as the stream for logging.
Also open /dev/console to report errors while logging.
logging.FileHandler.__init__(self, filename, mode, encoding)
self.console = open(constants.DEV_CONSOLE, "a")
def handleError(self, record):
"""Handle errors which occur during an emit() call.
Try to handle errors with FileHandler method, if it fails write to
logging.Filehandler.handleError(self, record)
except Exception:
self.console.write("Cannot log message:\n%s\n" % self.format(record))
except Exception:
# Log handler tried everything it could, now just give up
def SetupLogging(logfile, debug=0, stderr_logging=False, program="",
multithreaded=False, syslog=constants.SYSLOG_USAGE):
"""Configures the logging module.
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