Commit d58d44f3 authored by Iustin Pop's avatar Iustin Pop
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Switch Attoparsec parser from double to rational

According to the documentation, “This function is almost ten times
faster than rational, but is slightly less accurate. For 94.2% of
numbers, this function and rational give identical results, but for
the remaining 5.8%, this function loses precision around the 15th
decimal place. For 0.001% of numbers, this function will lose
precision at the 13th or 14th decimal place.”. What happens is that
for our tests, it can happen that “Attoparsec.double (show a_double)”
is quite different from “a_double”, such that we have much more than
1e-12 absolute difference.

Since our xm lists should not be too big, I think switching to
rational is better. Next patch also changes the way we compare
doubles, so maybe this patch is not really needed…
Signed-off-by: default avatarIustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMichele Tartara <>
parent 1fe0e999
......@@ -59,8 +59,8 @@ lispConfigParser =
where listConfigP = LCList <$> (A.char '(' *> liftA2 (++)
(many middleP)
(((:[]) <$> finalP) <|> (rparen *> pure [])))
doubleP = LCDouble <$> A.double <* A.skipSpace <* A.endOfInput
innerDoubleP = LCDouble <$> A.double
doubleP = LCDouble <$> A.rational <* A.skipSpace <* A.endOfInput
innerDoubleP = LCDouble <$> A.rational
stringP = LCString . unpack <$> A.takeWhile1 (not . (\c -> isSpace c
|| c `elem` "()"))
wspace = AC.many1
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